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Razer unveiled the computer of the future. Distant future

Those who followed the CES 2018, could not help but notice a prototype Project Linda, which turns the phone into the center of the computing and touch pad of the laptop.

In fact, the Project Linda is a docking station, whereby the phone becomes a full PC relatively. Feedback on the project is ambiguous and often boil down to the fact that the idea is very cool, but the money to pay for it sorry. Razer positions the phone-the laptop as a gaming center for gamers and working platform for creative people.

How to apply a laptop that runs on the phone:

— On the road to sit in social networks and watch movies.

The docking station has an internal battery, and it doesn’t have a lot to weigh, so no problem taking it on the road, leaving the Power Bank. You can watch a movie on the big screen, and at the same time to write in Messenger on a small.

— You can play limited number of games.

The phone runs on Android Razer, and the game will be designed for a mobile platform. If you connect the device to the docking station, you can forget about multi-touch, how hard to hit the right area of the trackpad with two fingers simultaneously. And if to deduce the image of the game on a small screen, then why the big? Conclusion: farewell to racing, tank battle and many other games.

The official promotional video of the user is cut in a MOBA game similar to League of Legends. The developers of the mobile MOBA is unlikely provided that the user go to the mouse and qwery keyboard, so this genre and other pvp strategies you can drop.

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Remain a single-player game from the series “three in a row” or “find the object” that does not need multitouch. It is hardly what you are looking for avid gamers.

By the way, most Android games are available on PC as applications in Facebook, and sync. So to sow cabbage on a virtual farm with a large screen and using a normal laptop.

— Run the mobile version working programs such as Word and Excel.

Convenient, but again, only while on the road. For everyday work it is better to use full-fledged PC version of the program. No one designer will not abandon Photoshop for mobile a graphics program because the performance evening will be to ride the mobile version of World of Tanks.

From Linda Project and other similar concepts may be the future, but, unfortunately, not in 2018. The difference between software for PCs and mobile devices too big, and erase it is hampered by many factors. That is why Microsoft has not had success with the phone-computer, and Apple does not intend to merge iOS with macOS.

Razer is not the first year CES brings a bold experimental model. Last year visitors to the exhibition in Las Vegas could see a prototype gaming notebook with three screens, which also received mixed reviews.

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