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New in iOS 9.3: support multiple accounts on iPad, smart caching, school Manager

Now users will have more possibilities to organize the educational process with iPhone and iPad, and teachers will be available to new instruments monitoring of progress and work with homework. With the 9.3 release of iOS, Apple has significantly expanded the capabilities of mobile devices for education.

In addition, the new OS will be available new features for administrators and IT professionals who provide technical support.

General iPad

  • The ideal situation is when each student has their own personal iPad, but if this is not possible, several students can use the same iPad, each will have their own account with their own unique content.
  • Now students can get quick access to their applications and files from any iPad, just using General settings.
  • Students who are regularly registered on the same iPad can connect to work much faster thanks to intelligent caching. You can just continue training from the point where stopped, but all the content is already downloaded to your device. No need to wait until the synchronized or restart apps, settings and other data. Teachers can also be useful intelligent caching and feature Photo ID. Setting a photo of the student on each iPad before class, the teacher will help the children to quickly find your product and immediately start work.
  • Students are now even easier to connect to a shared iPad. Just enter a simple code of 4 digits to right from the lock screen to connect to your device and account in iCloud.

The Application Class

  • The application Class enables teachers to run or block individual apps, websites or pages of the textbook on each iPad in the class, helping students to quickly find the needed material in class.
  • Function view screen in the app Class allows the teachers to easily see the screen of any student. And when you want to show the work of a particular student, the teacher can easily display on its wide screen through AirPlay through Apple TV.
  • If the student has forgotten the password, the teacher can restore it in the application Class directly from the iPad.
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Manage account Apple ID

  • Manage account Apple ID – this is a brand new way to create and manage accounts of students and teachers, designed specifically for schools.
  • Manage your Apple ID, making teachers and administrators responsible for changing passwords, checking accounts, create accounts in large numbers, setting privacy options and the establishment of individual responsibilities for each.

School Manager School Manager Apple

  • School Manager School Manager Apple includes all the necessary functions for school management that will help to use the iPad in teaching. School Manager helps administrators to manage application iPad of any size from a web browser on any Mac or PC.
  • Step-by-step instructions in the Apple School Manager School Manager, administrators can quickly configure Manage account Apple ID for students registering local IT professionals, to buy apps and books, cooking schedule, and more.
  • School Manager School Manager Apple allows teachers to securely connect to the database of students (Student Information System (abbr. SIS)) and to use all the necessary information to create new accounts for students, teachers and other administrative staff.
  • School Manager School Manager Apple makes it easy to buy and distribute apps and training material among all students.
  • iTunes U for iPad allows the teacher to organize the lesson, to evaluate homework and to stay connected with the entire class. Thanks to him, now the school staff members more convenient ways to create and distribute educational materials.

In addition to the above features of the iOS 9.3 will bring some changes in system apps. So, the Notes will be able to limit access to records important information by protecting them with a password or Touch ID. In the news aggregator of Apple News will be added video support and horizontal mode, while the Health app – new sections with information about the user’s activity.

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In addition, in iOS 9.3 will have the option Night Shift, designed to improve sleep iPhone and iPad. Focusing on GPS data and clock, the software will calculate, when it becomes dark, and change the color temperature to promote sleep. Among other innovations release worth noting the updated interface, Apple CarPlay, the ability to connect to iPhone a few the Apple Watch and use multiplayer mode on the iPad. Read more about all the features of iOS 9.3 can be found here.

All these features are free, you can already try in beta.

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