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All this time you were incorrectly charged your iPhone

If you want the battery of your iPhone or iPad lived long, have to change some habits. Of course, you say that the batteries of modern smartphones are no good — they often do not survive until the evening. But this is partly our fault, because we’re always wrong they charge.

There is a popular myth that mobile should be charged at one hundred percent and in no event it is impossible to do it little by little. But this is a big mistake.

On the website Battery University, Cadex developed by the battery manufacturer, is described in detail the so-called stress of lithium-ion batteries used in smartphones. Like people, batteries respond to the permanent stress reduction in life expectancy. So, if you want the smartphone battery will live a long time, you need to reconsider some habits.

When the smartphone is fully charged, keep it plugged in

According to Cadex, harmful to keep already charged the phone on charge, as we usually do at night. When phone gets 100% charge, it starts to get small pulses of electricity that help to maintain the charge level at maximum.

Thus, the battery at this point is under stress, it wears out. So when iPhone is fully charged, disconnect it from the power source. You wouldn’t want many hours without sleep to the limit of muscular exertion?

It is better not to charge your smartphone to 100%

Experts say that the battery is not only necessary but also desirable to reach a full charge. And all because at the last stage the battery is charged under high voltage, and it is harmful for him.

So if you want the phone served all day, it is better to connect to the outlet a few times slowly.

Charge iPhone at every opportunity

Battery more useful if it charged a few times a day in small portions. It is best to charge the phone when it lost about 10% charge. Of course, this is not very compatible with our way of life, so connect the phone to the network at every opportunity.

Such charging not only prolong the life of the battery of the smartphone, but will also lead to the fact that you will always have a charged phone.

Avoid overheating iPhone

The battery of the phone is sensitive to overheating. For example, Apple recommends that you remove during charging, some covers, too bad they remove heat from the iPhone.

“If you notice that your phone heats up during charging, first of all, remove it from the case,” – say in the company.

And if it shines the sun, it is something to cover. So the battery will be healthier and will last longer.

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