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New gestures in iOS 11 specifically for the iPhone X

To equip iPhone X “limitless” display, Apple had to abandon the “Home” button. Because of this, in place of the usual action came updated gestures.

Changed the status bar

With the advent of the iPhone display small cutout in the upper part of the display changes the position of the elements in the status bar. Now the watch is on the left edge from V, and the signal and battery on the right edge.

Changed lock screen

Now the screen lock button is the flashlight and camera. They are invoked with a simple tap and not a swipe like in older versions of iOS.

Instead of the Home button – swipe

Now to get to the main screen of the smartphone, no need to press the button. To do this, simply swipe from the bottom of the screen up, and you will return to the home page.


Multitasking menu is also invoked by the gesture

Informed to call multi-tasking required, double-click the Home button. The new iPhone X is enough to slide up and lightly hold your finger on the screen.


Control on top now

The familiar gesture to call the control room sunk into oblivion. Now, to call you need to swipe from the top of the display, where the battery charge indicators and signal strength.


How to invoke Siri?

To invoke the voice assistant by using gestures impossible. Now the Home button replaces the side button. Just clamp it and hold down until Siri will not answer.

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Apple Pay, like in hours

Apple Pay need to be activated manually. This is done by double-clicking on the side button.


The iPhone X will have to get used to the new control system, different from the one that roamed from iPhone to iPhone over 10 years.

iPhone X was presented on September 12. Along with it Apple has shown Apple TV 4K, Apple Watch third generation and iPhone 8.

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