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New additions for chats on Viber allows to search for YouTube videos without leaving the conversation [video]

Viber has announced additions to the chat which instant messenger users can access third-party services right in the chat window. Thanks to the advent of extensions for chat, search and share content directly in the chat window without leaving the messenger.

Now every user of Viber can in the chat window to find and send video from YouTube and songs from Spotify, to find the perfect hotel for and news magazine Vice. To make communication interesting, a messenger will appear to access the content from GIPHY, Guggy and Getty Images.

The key point in this update is the integration of YouTube Viber chats. Links to YouTube videos is one of the most popular forms of content sent by users of the messenger, and now the world’s largest video platform available right in the chat window. Users can search, share and even play YouTube videos without interrupting the conversation.

Services GIPHY, Guggy and Getty Images will also become available in the add-ons for chat Viber. In addition to these global partners, Viber will launch local services in Russia, Bulgaria, Hungary, the Philippines and other regions. Based on API Viber, selected content and service providers can integrate in their own instant messenger services, allowing users to diversify their chat rooms and make it more comfortable.

“Our goal is to make chats such, no other messenger. We want to offer users an easy way to access the content during a call, without troublesome switching between several applications or permanent transitions to the web browser — said, His Agawa, head of Viber.

New features in Viber will be launched gradually and will become available for users worldwide in the next few days.

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