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Myths about iPhone XR, which turned out to be wrong

02.12.2018 Erika J. Wells 0 Comments

When Apple introduced the iPhone XR, in a network there was a lot of negative reviews. Many have criticized the smartphone for thick frames, IPS-display, single-camera and more. We have studied the opinions of the XR owners who have used them for over a month, and found that the smartphone was much better than everyone thought.



The first and perhaps most importantly, what iPhone scolded XR is the edges. They are a bit thicker than on the more expensive XS and XS Max, which was particularly noticeable on images where all three devices were nearby. However, as noted by the bloggers who enjoyed the XR more than a month, the difference in reality is almost not noticeable.


Thicker screen frame barely distinguishable, even when compared to the eye screens XS and XR, keeping both devices in hand. When using the XR for more than a few minutes you just stop paying on the verge of attention. None of the bloggers previously confident that the XR came out ugly, did not criticize the appearance of the device: side frame depends organically, are not disruptive and do not cause discomfort when using the device. Make them thinner, it was impossible from-for features IPS display, but other solutions would have made the XR more expensive than it is at the moment.



The camera was one of the few parameters that the XR slightly quieter than the older models. First, because of the lack of the second lens XR does not support dual zoom, which is in the XS and XS Max. In addition, done on XR pictures in low light will somehow look worse than the captured image on the flagship iPhone. However, here the difference is not very noticeable, and the absence of the 2X-zoom sad for only a few users, as this feature not every.

Portrait mode in XR only works when shooting people, but on the XS and XS Max it can be removed and animals, and various objects. Problem could be also the proportions that are due to a wide angle lens. Despite these disadvantages, normal architecture, food, landscapes, people (not in portrait mode) the photo quality is absolutely the same (according to some bloggers, even better) and XS/XS, Max.

Display and materials

Fully migrated from iPhone 8 case and display made the XR in fact the direct heir of the last in the history of the Apple iPhone with the Home button. However, aluminum instead of steel proved to be more advantageous to use than steel, which is used in XS and XS Max. He may be more prone to bend, but not so easily soiled and scratched, which adds durability to the smartphone.

In addition, the XR is equipped with IPS-display with a density of 326 pixels per inch. Contrary to the position of the device haters, they are impossible to distinguish without special equipment. Thus, the myth of the ill-fated “points” that are visible on the screen, turned out to be fiction: the only drawback is the black color which sometimes seems not as rich as the OLED displays.

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