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Muscovite varies medals of his grandfather on iPhone

24-year-old resident of the capital, Veronika Krylova on his page in social network “Vkontakte” published an announcement that caused a huge stir among users. She offered to exchange the collection of medals of his grandfather on the iPhone.

Awards veteran, the grandfather for his participation in the battles of the great Patriotic war, Moscow saw the price of the iPhone 5, and always white. Judging by the photos of the inhabitant of the capital, among the awards – the order of Glory, order of the Patriotic war, Zhukov and the medal “For victory over Germany”.

“Selling the medals of WWII which belonged to my grandfather (Not fake!!) In good condition – 40.000 rubles. Or trade for iphone 5 white. In a personal email, there are pictures of every coin,” she writes.

In the status she complains that men only give her flowers and perfumes, and want of gifts in the form of apartments, cars or even iPhone.

As noted by Hi-tech.mail, a few posts below, Krylov published a photo of an erotic nature, in which the guy closes the place intimate the girl smartphone, iPhone remotely resembling 2010-2011 edition (replica or gadget in moddingway case). Not less strange and more: Krylov, on the one hand, claims that she has photos of each award, on the other, a picture taken as an illustration, is made not later than in 2011 – in particular, it illustrates the material “Siberian News Agency”.

Be that as it may, the news caused a wide public resonance. Users “Vkontakte” has left nearly 2,000 comments, made 135 reposts and shipped more than 380 “likes” the ad.

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