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Modular case i-Blades will increase your iPhone memory up to 1 TB [video]

A startup from California has organized a fundraiser for “smart” modular case of the i-Blades system allows you to expand the functionality of iPhone and Android smartphones. From analogues on the market of novelty convenient mounting of the removable elements and the subtle dimensions.

According to the developers, the owner of i-Blades may be connected to the smartphone in various modules of the plate. At the moment, the manufacturer provides from 64 up to 1 TB of memory and an extra battery. The capacity of the latter is claimed to increase the battery life of the gadget from 2 to 10 times.

i-Blades connects to the iPhone like a regular case. Depending on the required functionality can be added to it a certain property, or remove it as unnecessary.

Replacement elements are quite thin (2 mm) and are practically invisible when using the smartphone with the case. The connection between them and the accessory is carried out by means of a magnetic fixing ACS (Automatic Contact System). The phone recognises the whole system through a special application.

The case now available for iPhone, smartphones Samsung Galaxy S6 and S4, but in the future the developers promise to add support for other models. The minimum cost of a cover with two modules is $125 for the plastic version and $149 for a leather variant. To support the project and get more detailed information on the website Indiegogo.

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