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Microsoft Outlook for iOS has received integration with Skype

At the time Microsoft bought the developers of a mail client and a calendar of Sunrise and Acompli and then combined them products within a unified Outlook for mobile devices on iOS. With the release of a new version of the client has been integrated with popular VoIP service-Skype connection.

Outlook anywhere users can schedule a meeting via Skype, setting the “Skype Meeting” when you create or modify events, and to join him “one tap”. This is true for the application version 2.1.3.

The Outlook calendar has added a three-day presentation to make it easier to schedule your education. In order to enable it, you must tap the view icon in the upper right corner of the calendar.

Mobile Outlook presented in the form of native applications on iPhone, iPad and Apple Watch. The first version was created on the basis of the purchased in December 2014, the mail client Acompli. After the upgrade, users called the app one of the best email clients on iOS. Sunrise calendar also recognized technical publications one of the best apps in its class.

Outlook 2.0 was the first result of work of the joint teams. So, in the mailbox there are new icons of events that allow you to find information even before the discovery of writing and the calendar icon at the bottom of the screen now shows the current date.

In the calendar the days of the past are greyed out, so the current date was better visible, the description of events is located at the top – the date, place, duration. The list of visitors is on the bottom with markings of green, gray and red for those who agreed to attend, did not answer or refused. In addition there are visual cues and simplified file.

Download Microsoft Outlook 2.1.3 for iPhone, iPad and Apple Watch at this link.

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