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Microsoft has released a solution for porting apps from iOS to Windows 10

Microsoft has released a tool for Windows Bridge – new way to launch apps for the Windows platform 10. The technology allows to port the software from iOS to a new operating system. The main objective pursued by this project, is to reduce the backlog of Redmond’s mobile OS competitors in the number of available software titles software.

“With Windows 10 you can with slight modifications to use the code for your web application code .NET and Win32, as well as codes of Java/C++ (used to create Android applications) and Objective C (used to create iOS applications),” said Microsoft.

“Today we’re releasing a preview version of Windows Bridge for iOS (formerly known as “Project Islandwood”). The final release will be this fall, but right now we are making the tool available to the open source community. We are open to your proposals for the further development of the software product,” – said the developers.

To simplify the porting of the application on the Windows platform will allow four of the blocks of the developer tools (SDK). Software developers will be able to download the existing code in Visual Studio to integrate it with Windows and to be adapted to the requirements of the platform, and then distribute the app via the Windows Store.

For programmers, this means that the source code FOR iOS won’t have to rewrite from scratch, the logic of the applications will be almost entirely transferred to Windows. The interface, however, will have to create separately.

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