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Mercedes-Benz will interact with the Apple Watch

The company Mercedes-Benz has announced its own app for hours Apple, adapted to control the cars of the German brand. The release will be followed by releases similar apps from BMW, Volkswagen and Porsche.

According to specialists of Mercedes-Benz, Apple Watch will inform the driver about the car’s condition and allows you to control certain features, and control them using touches and gestures.

“Remote” indicator will notify the driver closed Windows, doors, trunk and sunroof; if necessary, a tap of the finger with force (“Force Touch”) the driver will be able to lock the car. The app will tell the driver where the car is worth and option navigation if necessary, show the path of the vehicle. As drivers get closer, he will be able to easily find your Mercedes-Benz is Packed with cars parked or on a multilevel Parking garage, causing the car to sound the horn and flash the headlights.

With Apple Watch you can also conveniently control the most important functions of the plug-in-hybrid models, as well as to control them. By the clock you can check the battery charge, the power reserve and the remaining time for charging. With a single touch your finger to the screen of the wearable computer, the driver can activate the system of pre-heating or cooling of the cabin.

Application release Mercedes-Benz has planned for autumn of this year. To use the program will be the owners of cars C-class and S-class, technology-enabled Command Online.

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