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MegaFon is the leader in voice quality and speed of mobile Internet in St. Petersburg

MegaFon is the leader in St. Petersburg for a number of indicators and is ahead of competitors not only on voice quality and best coverage of the 3G network, but at the maximum speed of data transmission in networks of the third and fourth generation. Such data are cited in their study, the information-analytical Agency TelecomDaily.

In addition to the main indicators, the Agency conducted measurements of the stability of the loading pages while surfing Internet. Under this option, MegaFon acquired 100% ahead of the other competitors from the “big four”.

According to the report, during the research car with special equipment travelled more than 900 km on all major highways of St. Petersburg. Tested voice communications and services mobile data in 3G and LTE.

In the end, while testing voice quality in a network “the Megaphone” did not reveal any breakage or lock, the operator showed the best time initialization call.

According to a source, the most extensive coverage of 3G and maximum speed (27 712 Kbit/s) also provides a “Megaphone”, and in LTE network “MegaFon” also showed the best result at the maximum speed (78 049 Kbps).

Recall that in St. Petersburg all base stations 3G “the Megaphone” fitted with Dual Carrier technology, providing speeds of up to 42 Mbit/s. Since the beginning of 2015, the operator expanded the capacity on half of 3G base stations in St. Petersburg and the Leningrad region and significantly increased the coverage of LTE network.

The results of the study were commented by the Director of infrastructure North-West branch of PJSC “the Megaphone” Alexey Titov: “to take a leading position and to provide subscribers the highest quality of communication services, we are constantly developing the network of all generations, working to improve the quality of the coating. Of course, we pay great attention and 3G network, and the network of the fourth generation. For example, right now in all districts of St. Petersburg, our subscribers have access not only to LTE but also LTE-A, the speed can reach 300 Mbit/with”.

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Note that in a recent study TelecomDaily, in Moscow “the Megaphone” became the best operator in terms of voice quality, but data transfer speed in the capital is leading MTS. The latter leads in the average data rate to subscriber in LTE networks. For MTS followed by other operators with “almost identical characteristics”

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