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In the USA will put an Opera based on the life of Steve jobs “The (R)evolution of Steve Jobs”

The life of Apple founder Steve jobs has attracted many creative people. She inspired them to write the biography, a documentary and two feature films. And in 2017 at the Opera house Santa Fe will debut production of “The (R)evolution of Steve Jobs”.

The Opera will be affected by aspects of personal and professional life of Steve jobs, his relationship with his father, his wife Lauren Powell jobs and Christine Ann Brennan, whom he met while studying in College and who bore him a daughter named Lisa. For a long time the Creator of Apple was trying to prove that nothing to do with pregnancy Christine-Ann has not, however, genetic tests proved his paternity.

Composer “The (R)evolution of Steve Jobs” will perform Mason Bates, and the creation of the libretto will mark Campbell, who in 2012 won the Pulitzer prize for his Opera silent night (Silent Night) based on the movie about the First world war “merry Christmas”.

In June debuted a provocative new trailer of the film “Steve jobs: the man in the car”. Alex Gibney’s film will tell about the private life of an entrepreneur and how he managed to change the world with his incredible inventions. The film features shots of old and new interviews and personal video jobs. The documentary not only shows the remarkable career of the founder of Apple, and also shows the dark side of his character.

The founder of the Corporation presents “bold, brilliant and brutal” man with great ambition. “What he created is loved. But that doesn’t mean that you loved him” — you can hear someone’s voice in the trailer. Apple executives protested unflattering picture of his former boss.

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November 12 will be the Russian premiere of the second biopic “Steve jobs”. The action in the film to focus on three high-profile launches of Apple products, the latest of which is the presentation of the iMac in 1998.

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