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AnyLink is the only cable you will ever need [video]

Currently there is a great variety of different gadgets, but when you want to connect them together, invariably there is a problem of compatibility. AnyLink is a universal cable with different attachments, which turns out to be more interesting than it might seem at first glance.

The accessory allows you to charge or connect together any two devices: smartphone and tablet, smartphone and smartphone, smartphone, and computer, will help to connect the camera, joystick, keyboard, mouse, printer, charger.

It is clear that this cable can charge any device from smartphone to camera or “smart” hours. But this cable can also be used to charge your iPhone from your smartphone or tablet on Android, and also to transfer photos and videos between devices. Moreover, you can transfer your data between different platforms.

Externally, the wire looks quite typical. It is a standard USB cable with USB port on one end and micro-USB/Lightning on the other. However, inside the USB connector of his hiding retractable micro-USB connector that turns the cable in a so-called OTG for data transfer. By means of a set of nozzles cable allows you to use devices with interfaces of Lightning, USB-C and USB. The result is a lot of different options for connecting gadgets.

It is worth to mention that the AnyLink allows you to connect to a smartphone mouse, flash drive, camera, printer, or keyboard that may be useful in some cases. Don’t forget that with cable you should always have with you and all the attachments. According to the developers, AnyLink covered with a nylon sheath that allows you to bend it at any angle without fear of creases.

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AnyLink has successfully collected the necessary I of financing on Kickstarter. And instead of $10,000, and required to start production, the developers received $52 000. The novelty will go on sale at the price of $ 35.

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