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Media: Apple is working with Carl Zeiss on its own with the augmented reality glasses

Sources received confirmation of the rumors about the Apple product developments in the area of augmented reality. Well-known journalist and technical expert Robert Scoble claims that the company’s specialists provide glasses in partnership with Carl Zeiss.

According to the source, which quotes one of employees of Zeiss, augmented reality glasses, Apple could debut in 2018. And it is this partnership of the two companies explains why Zeiss have not shown at CES 2017 no optics associated with augmented, virtual or mixed reality.

Rumors about the development by Apple of its own augmented reality glasses appeared in November last year. Then Bloomberg reported that Apple’s strict secrecy is conducting experiments on the creation of digital points. This device is expected to work on the basis of a wireless connection to iPhone, show images and information in the field of view of the user, and can also be used as a device augmented reality.

The project of digital points has been discussed with potential suppliers. Apple has ordered one company of a small number of specialized displays for testing. The fact that the company has not ordered a sufficient number of components, can indicate the start of mass production in the near future.

Currently in stock, there is an interesting Zeiss VR helmet VR One Plus with special optics that allows you to turn to the virtual or augmented reality virtually any smartphone. Apple, in turn, have long show interest in augmented reality. But CEO Tim cook has repeatedly stressed the great prospects of this technology.

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Last year a well-known analyst Ming-Chi Kuo said that in the near future Apple will take steps to release integrated AR solutions. Although its release will take place only in the next 1-2 years.

To create augmented reality glasses previously tried Google. However, its the device Google Glass has not received wide popularity.

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