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MacBook Air, Mac Mini and two more devices that need to recall Tim cook

Gadgets that Apple can earn a lot of money, but left without proper attention.

Between July and August — probably the most popular time for vacations the top management of Apple. By autumn, the presentation of only the revision, the majority of new devices have probably gathered.

However, it is hoped that this summer, Tim cook and company won’t cool off, and seriously pulled the forgotten “tails.” As such over the last few years I have accumulated a decent — to ignore them will continue to be simply ignorance.

Talk about four devices, which have been waiting for updates.

MacBook Air

The most promising and unfairly forgotten member of the list is a brilliant laptop, which is a disgrace to TNT-matrix low resolution. Why it needs to update right now? To close the hole in the budget, which is formed due to the astronomical cost of the extended warranty program for new MacBook.

People mass went to change my keyboard — but each repair involves installing a new battery.

To mitigate the negative noise and pump unit Mac profits, Apple can shoot a win — win trump card-the new MacBook Air with Retina display, a larger, support charging for USB-C, colors Space Gray and other chips.

The main thing in this laptop don’t screw with the topcase. However, if you significantly change the design of the case (which is still not outdated), the space for keys with long stroke and reliable trigger mechanism will be enough.

Another option is to rebrand the car and make it into the older version of MacBook 12″. Then everything will finally fall into place: Apple will once again be two adequate line of laptops, and users have less reason to break in doubt.

Mac Mini

Another people’s favorite, whose disregard looks insane. People who are accustomed to the convenience of the MacBook, would be happy to be delivered at home “miniks” for further immersion in the ecosystem and facilities.

But the problem is that the current Mini to buy or spender or Amateur-Samodelkin who likes to change the components and steam configurations. Compact desktop computers updated October 2014!

It is incomprehensible statistics that need to shame the leaders of Apple. On the other hand, it is impossible to believe that during this time the company is not at least once discussed the fate of the computer. Therefore, if it is not withdrawn from production, the project still got the green light.

As always, a win-win, which will generate huge sales, seems obvious. You just need to take fresh ingredients to put eighth generation CPU, fast SSD and RAM (ideally, to leave access for modifications), to equip the gadget relevant ports.

Given that the density of components in recent years has grown significantly, the Mini can get, and even more compact design but much to alter it is clearly not worth it.

iPod Touch

With these gadgets, it’s simple. It’s time to announce the death of iPod Touch. The touch version has long been called “phone without 3G” — but it’s not the most flattering comparison. The device had not been updated since July 2015 and supports only due to the hardware similarities with the iPhone 6.

Thus, the iPod Touch will live another year or two, but think about it Tim cook is today. Why? It’s simple — a company can announce a beautiful departure from the industry players and to release a limited edition version of the legendary Classic.

Sounds like a fantastic plan, but the calculation is simple: with the current fashion for “retro” updated player simply has no chance to fail. Enough to put inside the SSD, a good DAC and replace the connector on the usual Lightning.

Fans will disassemble the device from the shelves at any price tag, and Apple will nicely complete a major era. Moreover, when the level of engineering expertise, to approve the upgrade can just a week.

Thunderbolt Display

This is not a complete device as just another gadget — but it updates all have been waiting for. Collaboration between Apple and LG in the market of monitors was more acceptable than unambiguous victory displays UltraFine suffered from marriage problems with connections and that is definitely not you can fix it, boring design.

Meanwhile, the line of the Thunderbolt Display is still in oblivion. Phil Schiller was claimed that the new version will present together with a major update of the Mac Pro — that is, in 2019. But if the production of professional computer confirmed 100%, here we have to rely on the timely work of engineers and the will of the leadership.

In addition, it may happen that Apple will make too large a bet on the professionals and will roll out 8K monitor, which will sustain only the new Mac Pro. Much more democratic and looks simple update the Thunderbolt Display, the new 5K panel is reduced by the framework and support needed interfaces. The demand for such a configuration precisely there.

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