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Let us loop in you: unlocking the secret characters in the invitation Apple

Before the official presentation of the new iPhone has a week. Apple has already sent out an invitation to journalists to an event called “Let us loop you in”. The image on the official invitation to the presentation of 21 March caused a lot of disputes and interpretations in the Network. A storm of discussions related to the ill-fated inscription.

The editor of Tech Insider Dave Smith made some humorous guesses. So, according to him, the founder of the popular Apple news site The Loop’s Jim Dalrymple can get the CEO of Apple is Tim cook.

According to the Daily Dot columnist Selena Larson, the word “loop” may indicate that Apple will finally update the EarPods, which will no longer be confused when you carry in your bag or pocket. Indeed, the default headset for the iPhone and iPod too has a soft cable, which becomes entangled stronger than others. “It would be a real revolution,” said she. However, this is hardly coherent with the slogan in the invitations.

One of the most interesting assumptions are put forward by a Twitter user under the nickname JakeRenton98. He thoroughly studied the picture of the Apple and came to the conclusion that the company hints at Apple Watch in a white casing, the preview of iOS X, the curved body iPhone 6, eddy cue in a beige shirt. Analysis of JakeRenton98 got 260 retweets.

But what can you say about the invitation, if you approach the issue more seriously? We know that Apple will show the new 4-inch iPhone SE. Colors in the picture hints at new iPhone four colors: gray, silver, gold and rose gold. But the illustration also includes the fifth light pink color. It may indicate either about a new color for smartphones or laptops. Nothing can be excluded.

The word “loop” in the invitation may have the most different interpretations. There is a version that we are talking about the black Milanese mesh bracelet for the Apple Watch. The phrase “Loop in” also can be a hint on the 4-inch iPhone – a return to the compact models. Maybe the reference to the address of the headquarters of Apple, where the presentation is 1 Infinite Loop.

This time the invitation was too many interpretations. The only way to get at least one clue is a direct question to Siri. Voice assistant but stubbornly aims to seek an answer to the main Apple website.

We have to wait a week to learn everything firsthand.

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