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Leading foreign companies actively buy Russian processors “Baikal”

In the spring of 2015, the company “Baikal electronics” announced the beginning of production of domestic processors Baikal-T1. After less than two years, the company has begun high-volume production of these chips.

According to representatives of the company “Baikal electronics”, was recently made a commercial batch of silicon wafers, which are deposited on the integrated processor chip by lithography and etching technology 28 nm. This is the second such series, the number of which exceeds 100 000 units processors “Baikal”.

Family processors Baikal-T1 have 2 cores that run at 1.2 GHz. These chips have a high level of performance, energy efficient architecture, fast access memory system with error correction. In addition, the processor “Baikal” support superscalar SIMD instructions, and also have a disk subsystem with high bandwidth.

The first production batch of chips Baikal-T1 was released in the fall of 2016, and now he released the second major series. So now you can without a doubt say that mass production of these processors domestic development fully established.

According to the calculations of the company “Baikal electronics”, by 2020 it plans to create and sell more than one million processors. The company noted that the chips of the Russian production are popular not only domestically but also abroad. The Baikal processors-T1 is already interested in foreign customers, some of whom have already purchased them.

The main buyers of such chips are companies that produce computer technology, various telecommunications equipment such as telephones, routers, data storage, and other things, and hardware for embedded systems, such as terminals, automotive systems, industrial automation.

Given that consumption growth in this market is growing annually by about 7-15% before “Baikal electronics” will have quite a promising future.

In Russia, the first equipment which was built on the basis of processors Baikal-T1, has become the domestic control system tanks with numerical control “Resource-30”. In addition, in 2016 at one of the exhibitions the company “Service system” presented a model of the printer, which was also developed on the basis of the processor “Baikal”.

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