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Adobe has announced the application for the repair of a failed selfie with the help of artificial intelligence

Adobe has released a demo video of the new app, which allows you to fix bad selfies or change his style. The program among other things allows you to apply the stylistic characteristics of any frame to your own picture.

The developers from the team at Adobe Research has introduced a new tool for editing photos, which iPhone users will be able to fix bad shots.

The main hero of the video with your smartphone makes unremarkable self. “What if we apply artificial intelligence and machine learning to turn the bad into good portraits?” — stated on video.

Using Adobe, the man starts to improve the resulting picture. Program among other things allows you to change the settings of depth of field, focal length, correct perspective, and automatically cut the background of the photo and just a couple of clicks to stylize your photos under the any other any the.

About when the app can be downloaded on the iPhone, not specified — while the authors have demonstrated its capabilities in a short video.

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