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KeyBanc analysts say that the iPhone 8 might be delayed due to issues with Touch ID

Almost certain that the iPhone 8 will receive edge-to-edge display, but Apple will do with the scanner of fingerprints is still unclear. Touch ID debuted on the iPhone 5s in 2013, and since then he has become not just an elegant replacement for a password, but also the basis for the payment system Apple Pay.

In the next generation of Apple’s smartphone may refuse to Touch ID. Despite all efforts, the company is experiencing difficulties with the installation of the sensor below the display. Earlier it was reported that Apple has faced problems in the early stages of production of the iPhone 8. Then came the rumors that in Cupertino have found a way to integrate Touch ID in the display panel. However, according to recent information, Apple has a serious problem with the scanner.

According to analysts of KeyBanc Capital Markets and Andy Hargreaves, John, Wine and Josh Beck, the Apple still failed to set up Touch ID for the display in the iPhone 8. The problem is that the scanner doesn’t work as fast and as accurate as the current generation of Touch ID. Moreover, it is argued that the company was only a few weeks to find a solution. Otherwise, you will have to completely abandon the sensor.

“We believe that usually takes about 12 weeks from the date of placement of order for the fingerprint scanners to full production of the iPhone. Therefore, if Apple manage to solve the problem until the end of July, and to place orders for chips for Touch ID, probably by the end of October or early November, will be produced a sufficient number of devices. We believe that this way Apple will go. It will be acceptable to consumers and investors. Although it is unclear whether Apple to solve the problem at this time.

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The company may completely abandon the fingerprint scanner in favor of facial recognition for unlocking and authentication applications. Since it’s been a long time, it seems that the most likely option. But the technology itself is far from ideal. We believe that face detection in iPhone will work at any angle and in low light. However, recognition accuracy will suffer. Even if users will not be able to unlock the device only in 5% of cases, it still will negatively affect sales. In addition, we do not believe that the facial recognition system will be positioned as the authentication method in Apple Pay. Most likely, over time, Apple will be able to solve this problem, but initially the lack of proper support Apple Pay can greatly affect the demand.”

It really is a logical assumption. Apple no doubt will not be to market the crude product, therefore, most likely, facial recognition technology is close to ideal. But there are still scenarios in which the scanner will be much better. The transfer of Touch ID on the rear panel is also possible. According to rumors, Apple has even released a few of these prototypes.

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