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Kantar: Android’s share continues to grow iOS is losing ground in many markets

Analyst firm Kantar Worldpanel ComTech has published a report on the state of the smartphone market in three months, the last of which was Feb. According to the report, the share of iOS in most markets fell compared to the same period last year. And, despite the fact that the losses are not yet critical, they point to an unpleasant trend for the manufacturer iPhone and iPad.

According to analysts, in the U.S. the share of iOS accounted for approximately 38.3% of the market against 38.8 per cent a year earlier. For China, these figures amount to 22.2% against 25,4%. Experts emphasize that the decline of the share of Apple in China is the first time since August 2014. For the five largest European countries (Germany, UK, Italy, France and Spain) by the proportion this year against previous: 19,1% against 20.9%. In Japan and Australia change in favor of Apple, although minor.

Android, by contrast, continues to increase share. A year in the United States, China and the EU5 countries, the share of this operating system increased respectively by 3.3% and 3.4% and 6.7%.

You can also note the position of Windows Phone/Windows Mobile. The strongest OS in Europe. But here, for the year its share fell from 10.1% to 5.9%. In the United States and China at the moment Windows is a 2.6% market share and 0.9% respectively. By the way, in Australia it is set at 5.8% of mobile devices.

The Kantar report is based on information received during the three months ending in February 2016. Therefore, it does not take into account the effect of the launch of the new smartphone iPhone SE. Although many analysts believe that the device, which is not the flagship, is unlikely to have a significant impact on Apple’s presence.

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