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Kantar: Android is losing ground in most markets, the share of iOS is increasing in Europe and the United States

Research firm Kantar has published a report to assess the spread of a particular operating system on the world’s largest markets. The data also allow analysts to track changes in this area.

Data were obtained over a period of three months ended at the end of November. According to these data, the share of iOS in most markets increased compared to the same period last year.

For example, in the U.S., Apple’s OS accounts for approximately 43.5% of the market against 37.1 percent a year earlier. For the five largest European countries (UK, Germany, France, Italy and Spain; EU5) — 24.6% against 21,8%. In Japan and Australia also changes in favor of Apple. Here, the share of iOS has increased from 54,7% to 57% and from 40.5% to 46.4%, respectively.

According to analysts, talking about the increased impact on the largest European markets for the iPhone 7. The increased interest in the upcoming new generation smartphone of Apple is observed in the markets of the most developed countries, which gave an increase of the share of iOS.

In China, the situation for Apple looks less optimistic. Android’s share in China increased by 7.2% reaching at 79.9%. . Of this number, Huawei won roughly a quarter of sales, and Oppo – 12,9%. iOS opposite the weakened position of 19.9% instead of 25.3% a year earlier. While the best-selling smartphone in China turned out iPhone 7, the share of which amounted to 6.6%.

Android’s share continues to fall in most markets. This has contributed to the problems with the flagship Samsung Galaxy Note 7, which could delay a certain percentage of the audience the iPhone 7 Plus.Sales of smartphones running Microsoft’s operating systems continue to fall. Now their share does not even reach 3%. If in November 2015 they accounted for 6.9% of the market of the aforementioned countries, then in November of 2016, only 2.8%.

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