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Journalists proved that video with the prototype iPhone 7 is a forgery

Yesterday appeared in the Network video, which allegedly captured a prototype of the iPhone 7, most likely is a fake. This opinion was expressed by journalist Eddie Krassenstein.

Assessing footage of people in white gloves inspecting the device in a metal case with Apple logo, Kressenstein noted a few things that suggest that video is a fake.

“From the moment the network appeared the this video, many Apple fans are wondering about whether or not shows a prototype of the new smartphone, he said. – We can tell why it is not. First, the video that was allegedly made in test center Foxconn is the Apple contractor – I don’t see any improvements compared to the iPhone 6s. In particular, demonstrated significantly thicker than the current smartphone, camera is located in the center of the body and it has no flash”.

The device looks different from all released before the iPhone. So, my screen protector covers the whole front panel and there is no physical Home button with the fingerprint scanner Touch ID. The front camera is on the speaking speaker.

In the prototype there is no headphone Jack and the charging port is much wider. As often happens with such videos, it is most likely a fake, because the device has many deficiencies, concluded Krassenstein.

According to preliminary data, the new iPhone 7 will be based on Apple’s a10 chip, which will be the most productive ever installed on the devices. The 4.7-inch iPhone 7 will receive 2 GB of RAM, while the iPhone 7 Plus is 3 GB.

Traditionally, Apple introduces their new products in September, so the release of the new iPhone should be expected not earlier than autumn 2016.

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