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Journalists compared the speed of iOS and iOS 11.2.2 11.2.5 – video

Apple released iOS 11.2.5, which was bug fixes and a critical vulnerability Meltdown and the Spectre. This could lead to a significant reduction in performance of iPhone and iPad. Channel iAppleBytes is checked.

Experts believed that after correcting errors in the processor speed of the devices will fall by 25-30%. Because of the possible slowing down, many users were ready to abandon the updates. So everyone was wondering how the newly released patches will affect mobile operating system Apple.

Channel iAppleBytes published three videotranny, which show that the difference in performance is hardly noticeable. And it’s impressive. Apple was able to close the gap in the system, without slowing down the device.

The results of synthetic tests also did not show any significant changes. This means that iPhone owners can exhale and sleep well. Their smartphones are safe and did not lose in speed.

Meltdown and the Spectre are two dangerous vulnerability found in all modern Intel, AMD and ARM. With them, the attackers can obtain access to personal data to users. Meltdown needs a fix at the kernel level of the system, which can reduce the speed of its work, and to protect against Spectre, you need to update your browser, which may also be detrimental to its performance.

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