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The trailer for “Star wars” recreated vintage computer Apple IIc [video]

Artist Wahu, Ekwendeni redrew the trailer of the movie “Star wars. Episode VIII: the Last Jedi” using vintage Apple IIc computer, released in 1984.

In the work of Indonesian Illustrator used graphics tablet, KoalaPad and software Dazzle Draw from 30 years ago. In the 80-ies of these tools considered as the most advanced system for computer graphics.

To make a black and white trailer took about three weeks. The final video consists of 288 frames, which were recorded on 48 5-inch floppy disks. The total size of the video was 6 MB.


Cita-cita waktu masih kecil di th 80an: trailer Star Wars bikin pakai komputer Apple bermonitor monochrome, baru kesampaian sekarang.

— Pinot (@pinotski) 26 Jun 2017

In order to obtain the layers for the animation, the Illustrator had to draw them with marker on transparent plastic sheets placed on top of the monitor. Then the artist time-lapse transferred the contents of these sheets on the screen.

Proses bikinnya

— Pinot (@pinotski) 26 Jun 2017

“Star wars: the Last Jedi” is the eighth episode of the cult Saga, Director and author of the script of which is Ryan Johnson. In this film starred actress Carrie Fisher, who passed away on 27 December last year. The Premier is scheduled for December 14, 2017.

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