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Apple released tvOS 9.1.1 for Apple TV 4 with a new app Podcasts

Apple released the third cumulative update for set-top box TV. Update under the symbol 9.1.1 is available for download on the receiver by means of standard OTA mechanism.

We are talking about tvOS platform – the operating system of the Apple, “allowing a completely new way to interact with TV”. In the new version the developers finally fixed the bug that caused window appears, enter the password when downloading apps.

Function background music play on Apple TV is perfect for doing household chores or friendly entertainment. In addition to the Music app, YouTube, TV shows and movies in tvOS 9.1.1 became available another popular means of content consumption — the Podcasts app. With it, users can access their feeds of podcasts and subscribe to new programs. In addition, the firmware fixed the main release and improved security.

Support for Bluetooth keyboards in tvOS 9.1.1 is still lacking, although recently iPhone and iPad users can use the mobile application to remote control “Remote control”. Own initially Apple did not supported by Apple TV 4.

To use the keyboard will be in the 9.2 update tvOS, which is currently in the testing stage. In this edition appears as a folder for applications, a new design of multitasking in iOS 9 and other improvements.

To download tvOS 9.1.1 yourself, otherwise, Apple TV will automatically update with the active functions auto updates. To put update and manual mode, go to General –> Updates. Install the update via USB-C interface, you are in an emergency and leads to complete data reset on the Apple TV.

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