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Journalists compared the iPhone 6s and YotaPhone 2

Display 3D Tuch, “live” photo, video, Slow motion, second display – what does not try to surprise the audience with the developers of modern smartphones. Edition Sibdepo decided to conduct an unusual experiment: to compare the iPhone 6s and YotaPhone 2, to understand “which gadget is cooler”.


Fans of Apple appreciate the iPhone for its simple, modern and elegant design. Smartphone model 6s is almost indistinguishable from its predecessor. Except that he has become a little heavier and thinner. The developers have added the aluminum alloy 7000 series 6003 instead of iPhone 6. Now it will not Pagnell, putting in back pocket of jeans.

For a year I use the “Apple” 4s, and can call myself a fan of this model. My smartphone easily fits in your hand, it is relatively easy and very pleasant to the touch. IPhone 6s before the test I was sure that nothing better than Apple did not invent (the fifth “iPhone” I was not impressed). New creation “Apple” at first it seemed to me a huge brick and a poor excuse Samsung Galaxy. How wrong I was: 6s was just as comfortable as my 4s. And take this Apple – when I use their technique, feel, touch something truly important. It’s difficult to describe in words, it will understand only fans of the brand.

Gold iPhone 6s, who lived with me in perfect harmony for a week, looks expensive and beautiful. By the way, this model only presents the color “rose gold” which broke all sales records. As anyone, but I think this is an option for glamorous blondes. Looks too sweet.

YotaPhone 2, I saw for the first time in my life. All I know about him: in the creation of the first Russian smartphone invested a lot of money, he has a second active screen. In addition, use of the YotaPhone 2 Chinese President XI Jinping and the President of the Chechen Republic Ramzan Kadyrov.

The appearance of YotaPhone 2 was not so bad: relatively thin body, simple and unobtrusive design. The second screen at first seems very strange, as if the back of the smartphone is located ordinary ink e-book. If you put on a headband or a cute ballerina polar bear – looks very good. But if we do not take into account the display number two, “iota” very much like the STC.


The screen of the iPhone 6s remains the same, as on “six”: a diagonal of 4.7 inches with a resolution of 1334 x 750 pixels. It is made of special glass that fights grease and scratches. By the way, Apple this invention is very proud of. The screen is quite bright and high quality, and the picture pleasing to the eye.

Innovation iPhone 6s – 3D Tis. According to Apple, this feature opens up completely new possibilities. “It allows you to distinguish between pressing power on the display, which makes many functions quicker and more convenient,” according to the company’s official website. To be honest, I’m nothing extraordinary in 3D Tois not seen something similar long time ago we got acquainted on the computer by clicking with the right mouse button on the icon. Specific need for this feature, in my opinion, no.

Technical characteristics of the main screen YotaPhone 2 – five inch, full HD resolution of 1080 x 1920 pixels. As for the second screen: its diagonal is less than the first – 4.7 inch, no backlight. Single story – watch a video: it’s very strange, as if before your eyes creates an ink picture. Using a second screen you can also do a selfie.

Power consumption

The eternal problem of smartphones run out quickly, so if you forget home charger, for half a day will be left without connection. As the owner of the iPhone 4s, I would say that my smartphone is enough for about five hours of active work. The creators of the new model promised reduced power consumption compared to the previous model (iPhone 6). And I can say that in comparison with 4s, the new iPhone is megaeconomics. If used in moderation, it “will stretch” from morning to evening.

In the two weeks that the YotaPhone 2 was in my hands, I had to charge it only twice. Of course, I did not use them actively all the time, but agree, it’s like a miracle or an old Samsung with only to call or write SMS.

The idea of the YotaPhone 2 is great because even if you “put” it to the main screen, the second will work. He, by the way, almost does not consume energy. On the back of the smartphone will remain an important recording, time and calendar.


One of the important changes on the iPhone 6s is the improvement of the camera, now it is 12-megapixel. For modern technology it is certainly not open, but the owners of the device for 60 000 rubles have the opportunity to make high-quality images for its “integram”.

In addition, the new iPhone 6s have two exciting “toys”. First – this is a Live Foto which gives you the ability to capture something in motion for a few seconds. Of course, we’ve seen it before: in simple terms, “live” photo is ordinary “gifs”.

Another “toy” – the ability to create slow motion videos (slow effect). Very funny thing, but in bright unnatural lighting conditions video quality is significantly affected – there glare. By the way, my interest in this new entertainment on iPhone 6s was enough for exactly two days and some videos.

By number of megapixels of the iPhone 6s ahead: the camera of the YotaPhone 2 there are eight of them. To top-end smartphone, on which “iota” of active claims, does not hold. But in defense of the domestic gadget I will say that visually the photos made him look good. The picture is not too different from the images taken with the iPhone 6s.

A nice bonus is a second screen during shooting. There appear the inscription, Smile, cute female eyes, which wink along with a flash.

Performance and memory

Inside the iPhone 6s appeared A9 processor. Compared to the iPhone 4s, “six with the letter” works powerfully, and even lightning. All apps open quickly, with the help of LTE “fly” on web pages without problems. That’s only with a built-in memory as standard, a small problem – her expensive iPhone 6s 16 GB just.

YotaPhone 2, iPhone 6s wins in memory capacity: operational– 2 GB built – 32 GB. The performance is average. The main screen for my part works fine, but the second is really slow and shows pixels


Will Express only his personal opinion: if the YotaPhone 2 would cost 30 000 rubles, and at least 15, I’d buy it for fun and exotics. Another reason to buy it, I find. Another thing – the iPhone 6s that won my heart. But if to think logically, “iota” in some respects superior to the new Apple creation – for example, the memory and the presence of the second screen. Therefore I declare a draw, and you decide for yourself which phone to buy.

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