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John Scully: don’t use the Apple Watch, they make no sense

John sculley, former Apple CEO and business partner of Steve jobs, in an interview Culf shared his opinion about the Apple Watch. He believes “smart” Apple watch “cute”, but does not see them as necessary.

“I have all Apple products except the Apple Watch. said Scully. – I have a lot iPad. I like the new iPad Pro, it might sound like a lot, but I think it’s great. I like the iPhone. I think I got home about six or iMac. But I don’t see a great need in the Apple Watch. It seems to me that at the present time they are not needed”.

According to Scully, Apple has managed to create a beautiful device, but “the clock is needed to know the time”. And for these purposes, in his opinion, enough iPhone.

“It’s a beautiful device, but when I look at the clock? Well, I look at them when I want to know the time. In my case I get the iPhone out and checked. I don’t even wear a regular watch,” said Scully.

The former head of Apple noticed that Apple Watch’s tiny screen and in order to see, needs glasses. “Plus they need to be recharged every day,” he added.

“For me, there is not sufficient reason to use Apple Watch. Although I believe that the future for smart “hours”, as the sensors will get better and better. After some time, I think Apple will succeed with Apple Watch, but personally I don’t need them”.

In 1983, Apple founder Steve jobs invited the President of Pepsi John sculley to work for one of the most famous phrases in business: “do you Want to spend the rest of your life selling sweet water or do you want to try to change the world?” Scully and jobs ran the company together as Executive Directors. But soon their relationship soured. With the filing of Scully, the founder of Apple was fired from the Corporation. In 1993 at the urging of the Board of Directors of Apple has left John sculley.

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Not so long ago, Scully admitted that his biggest mistake believes that after 10 years of working in Cupertino he went to jobs to ask someone to return to the leadership of Apple.

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