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Jobs and gates will become heroes of the Broadway musical

On Broadway will feature a new musical about Apple and Microsoft. In the play called Nerds (“Nerds”) will show the rivalry between the founders and CEOs Steve jobs and bill gates.

The theme of the musical will be a bitter struggle of two entrepreneurs. For the first time Nerds have put in the fall of 2005. This is written by Jordan Allen-Autonom and Eric Weiner modern Comedy was described as “a mixture of two parallel stories of geniuses of jobs and gates, who grew up entrenched in from garage inventors to implacable titans of the computer revolution”.

In the formulation of the confrontation between the founders of Apple and Microsoft will use modern technologies – video mapping, holograms, and viewers will be able to connect to a mobile app for greater interactivity. With the app, users will be able to communicate and manage performance. Perhaps the only thing missing in this impressive painting is a list of involved actors, with whom they promise to decide within a few weeks.

The Nerds tickets are already on sale, although it is unknown how long it will last. The first performance is scheduled for April 21 at Longacre Theatre in new York.

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