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It’s the perfect time to buy iPhone 7

iPhone 7 debuted in Russian market in September 2016. But only now, six months later, he found in Russia a real popularity.

The scheme, when it is preparing to release the new iPhone and its predecessor at this time, only gaining in our country the maximum popularity, has long been a classic. The situation is not surprising. After the release of a new model prefer some time to wait and buy a gadget when it becomes more affordable. For example, the iPhone 7 after appearing on the market in September, fell to the psychological mark at the end of January 2017.

What is the key plus iPhone 7? That it includes everything that is required from a modern smartphone. The device boasts impressive performance and ergonomic design, the smartphone is enclosed in a stylish and well-made case.

iPhone 7 boasts not only a dual camera, but also the fact that in an industry first, technology second camera freely used for portrait photography.

Apple made sure to address one of the most urgent problems for users of high-performance devices. The main objective of work of specialists – to deliver the iPhone 7 from the unpleasant and annoying feeling that the gadget will soon be exhausted. The iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus one of the best in the industry time of Autonomous work.

Another undeniable plus iPhone 7 built – in player that differs in quality from all of their “brothers” in the music business. Almost every smartphone is able to reproduce well a variety of format tracks, but to find a smartphone that makes it just as worthy, will have to work hard.

And finally, we must not forget that even the most beautiful smartphone “filling” requires well optimized. Due to the fact that all components and elements of the iPhone 7 is assembled in a single device, even the most “heavy” games and apps are launched instantly and without pauses.

Since Apple continues to earn on applications in optimization and works iOS platform, the company is investing maximum efforts.

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