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How to record iPhone screen on iOS 8.3 and 8.4 without jailbreak

In the process of working with the iPhone, it is often necessary to record what is happening on the display of the mobile device. This can be the action with the desktop, application settings, letsplei or important match. This will require specialized software, which do not just find.

To solve the problem will help service called Shou. With it you can record video in Mp4 or MOV videos from your iPhone and iPad with up to 30 frames per second. The application supports OpenGL ES and works with iOS 8.3 and 8.4. The main difference from other similar solutions is that it works on devices without jailbreak. According to the developer, during the recording Shou has virtually no impact on performance of the gadget.

How to record video from the screen of the iPhone and iPad:

Step 1: Open Safari and type in the address bar

Step 2: the Program will prompt you to install the web application Shou, click Install.

Step 3: go Back to the home screen of the smartphone. There will be a new icon of the application that the first few minutes will be located in the installation process. Wait until the end.

Step 4: Run Shou. On the screen a window will appear informing you that this developer is unreliable. “You trust the developer “iPhone Distribution” to run his programs on your iPhone?” Click “Trust”.

In iOS 9 the program does not start – the OS reports that the developer “has not been marked as trusted on this iPhone”. “While this developer will not be marked as reliable, its corporate programs cannot be used,” according to the OS.

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Step 5: In the main window Shou, click Continue. The program will take you to the App Store where offer download the official app Shou.TV. At this service two programs – one for writing and one for broadcast content via the Internet.

Step 6: After downloading the program, run it. Specify the appropriate account in social networks to register and close the program.

Step 7: Run the application Shou. On the screen you will see two buttons “Broadcast” and “Record screen”. Click the second button to start the screen recording.

Step 8: Specify the name of the entry desired settings (format, orientation, resolution, bitrate), and then click Start Record.

Step 9: Return to the main screen to record your event.

To stop recording, click the red banner at the top of the screen and press the Stop button. You can watch the video in the program section record (the film icon in the upper right corner of the screen).

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