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iOS 11: all that is known about the new OS 3 months before the official presentation

In early June, 2017 at WWDC Apple will unveil a new mobile platform iOS 11. Of course, in Cupertino in advance do not say anything about the OS — and do not say you can not even worry. But thanks to the leaks of information from different network sources we can fold looking significantly picture of what we and you will. At least, there is every reason to believe that it looks authentic. And as there will actually — we’ll see in three months.

It is expected that iOS 11 will carry as many improvements and innovations that their descriptions would be enough for a separate article. So what can we expect from the next edition?

Siri with artificial intelligence elements

Special for iOS 11 iPhone 8 will be released an updated version of the voice assistant Siri with artificial intelligence elements. The beginning of the trend already put Huawei, demonstrating the flagship model Huawei Mate 9 with support for voice-activated personal assistant Alexa from Amazon.

In August 2016, Apple has acquired Australian startup Turi dealing with developments in the field of AI. It is assumed that technology Turi will improve functionality and help expand the intellectual capabilities of the voice assistant. According to market sources, improved version of Siri will be used in iOS 11.

Multi window mode on the iPhone

Any Android smartphone 7.0 Nougat supports split screen, while Apple made the unique Split Screen feature for the iPad. The iPhone has enough RAM, a powerful processor, large screen, so absolutely nothing hinders to implement multi-window mode on smartphones.

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Group FaceTime calls

In the new mobile OS Apple is planning to introduce the feature of group video calling service FaceTime video conferencing. At the moment this service on the iPhone and iPad is not available in Cupertino plan to empower signature services with the release of iOS 11.

Group video calls should appear in FaceTime 7 years after the launch of the service. Now free VoIP calls anywhere in the world have become commonplace, but for 2010 it was a real revelation. A new feature will allow FaceTime to make video calls with up to 5 users simultaneously speaking at a given point, the source will be displayed in the center of the screen.

Without the support 32-bit applications

Apple has started to release 64-bit gadgets three years ago, however, the advantage of the new processor architecture is relevant only if supported by software developers. In early 2015, the cupertinos have obliged the makers to move to 64 bit. To encourage developers, Apple has added in iOS 10.1 a special warning about the slowing of the device that appears when you run 32-bit programs. In iOS 11 the company intends to completely abandon support applications written for 32-bit.

Black theme

This is perhaps the most desired and expected innovation iOS 11. The dark theme. In September last year, Apple unveiled the black iPhone 7, which would be perfect dark interface. At the moment, in most corporate applications, the background is white, but what prevents to make it black in the App Store, Apple Music or the Message?

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In iOS 11 we can expect several groundbreaking features that will have to disclose the hardware capabilities of current and future devices. It is not excluded that there will be an updated mode control with one hand, more convenient way of switching applications, the new functions of control and notification Center. iPad need a separate version of the operating system, not “enhanced” iOS, which does not allow the full potential of the big screen. Because of the current limitations of the iPad still can’t replace the computer, so what Apple wants. In addition, on the iPad there is still no application “Calculator” and “Weather”.

Release date

5 Jun Apple talk about the newest feature of iOS 11, so that developers can make full use of them in their products. On the same day will release the first test version for developers. After 1-2 weeks you will have the option for users to open the test program.

The final release of iOS 11 will be held in the fall – three months after the start of the test. The launch of the new OS, usually timed to the release of new generation iPhone.

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