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IPhone users have sued Apple for iOS mandatory updates

Against Apple filed the lawsuit in which she is accused of the forced update of the iOS operating system. The plaintiffs allege that the company deliberately disabled FaceTime in iOS 6, forcing users to upgrade to iOS 7.

Initially the service of video calls FaceTime worked on the basis of two technologies. The first used a standard connection peer-to-peer to transmit audio and video between two users. Second, the so-called “relay method”, involved the use of third-party servers from the company Akami. He served 5-10% of all video calls.

In 2012, Apple was found guilty of patent infringement VirnetX associated with peer-to-peer. As a result, the company was forced to switch completely to technology Akami. Fees that Apple paid to developers every month, has increased dramatically. According to cited data, from April to September 2013, Apple has paid a total of $50 million, or about $8.3 million per month.

Apple was unhappy with the current situation, therefore, began to look for alternate ways of using the technology of peer-to-peer without violating the patents VirnetX. This method has been found, the developers have implemented it in iOS 7.

The problem is that some users continued to use iOS 6 and Apple had to pay royalties Akamai. In his appeal against the iPhone maker argues that in Cupertino have deliberately deprived people of access to FaceTime in iOS 6. At one point, FaceTime users got a message about the end of the certificate’s validity period and need to upgrade to iOS 7.

In addition, to encourage users of iPhone 4 and iPhone 4s to switch to a new version of Apple downgraded the OS, claims in the lawsuit. “The device began to work slower, there was a system error, lost important functions of the smartphone,” the plaintiffs claim.

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Users with Apple requires monetary compensation. In addition, according to the plaintiffs, the company should be punished by a fine.

An Apple representative declined to comment on claims of users..

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