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Apple has developed a charging module built into the strap of the Apple Watch

Bureau of patents and trademark United States has granted Apple the patent, entitled “Charging device for portable electronic devices.” The document describes external battery for smart watches Apple Watch.

The invention works on the principle of magnetic inductance. Using wireless technology, energy external battery transferred to battery the Apple Watch. The same principle works existing magnetic charger for the wearable computer by Apple.

In the patent Apple engineers called two ways to implement this idea. In the first we are talking about a separate module that is located under the smart watch and is attached to the bracelet, and the second charging device is integrated directly into the strap of the gadget.

It is planned to use effective system of heat removal to the owner of the Apple Watch experience discomfort when using the accessory. In those moment when the person does not use the “smart” watches, has many options for charging them and accessory.

Theoretically, this technology Apple could implement already in the Apple Watch 3, because the time for testing and refinement the company has plenty of application for the patent was filed in July of 2015.

However, it may be, and Vice versa, because there are cases when a registered Apple inventions over the years did not reach consumers, and some even forever remain on paper.

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