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IPhone users are willing to pay more for top-end features

IPhone buyers are willing to pay more for a large display, dual camera and other advanced features. To such conclusion analysts of research company Cowen & Co.

As you know, the iPhone 7 Plus differs 4.7-inch model by the presence of a 5.5-inch screen, dual camera, enhanced RAM, higher capacity battery. However, he is worth $769 in the version with 32 GB of memory, while the iPhone 7 — $649.

Analysts came to the conclusion that the share of large model accounted for 40% of the 58.5 million of units sold in the first quarter. A similar situation was observed last year when the iPhone 6 Plus accounted for 23% of all smartphone sales. Apple will be able to report an increase in the average price of “Apple” devices to $693 over the same period.

According to weather observers, total sales of iPhone increased by 4% for the fourth quarter of 2016 than in the same period of time in 2015. This is the first time sales for the holiday quarter has not increased at double-digit rate. For comparison: with the release of the iPhone 6 supply has increased by 46%, and with the iPhone 5 — by 29%.

Analysts believe that in the future Apple will use high demand among the customers for high-end specs. The upcoming flagship will be equipped with 5.5-inch OLED screen from edge to edge and built-in display, fingerprint scanner. It is also expected all-glass housing and support wireless charging.

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