Google and Apple fight pandemic & nbsp together

Google and Apple Fight Pandemic Together
Recall that Google and Apple have developed a system that tracks the spread of Coronavirus through collaboration.
Google CEO said he intends to collaborate with Apple. In fact, it seems that there will be attempts to collaborate with Apple on various projects, such as the notification system project. In addition, Google CEO Sundar Pichai said that he regularly communicates with Apple CEO Tim Cook.

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They developed an API to enable the development of digital tracking applications to better track the distribution of Covid-19. This Contact Tracking API, called Exposure Notifications, is now available on iOS and Android.
The API allows developers or the government to create applications that can help digitally trace contacts. The application also offers the ability to alert users if they were in contact with someone who gave a positive result on Covid-19. The system uses Bluetooth and works automatically.
The fact that the API has integration with iOS and Android should greatly facilitate its implementation. Activation of this function is at the discretion of the user. For example, he will have to give permission to send and transmit his data if he becomes ill.
Protection is necessary to protect user privacy. The fact remains that two technological giants offer a completely operational solution during a pandemic. Developers will remove the API remotely after the pandemic.

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