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Screenwriter of the new film about Steve Jobs has named Tim cook as a hypocrite

The screenplay for the film about the Apple founder Steve Jobs Aaron Sorkin accused the head of the company Tim cook in hypocrisy. Criticism of Sorkin voiced in an interview with The Hollywood Reporter.

Earlier this month, Tim cook, in conversation with the famous American satirist Stephen Colbert, commenting on the film “Steve jobs” and the documentary “Steve jobs: the Man in the car,” Alex Gibney, has stated that he hates the biography of the founder of Apple. “I think many people try to be hypocrites and I hate it”, he said. “It’s not the best part of our world,” added cook.

“First of all, nobody who was involved in shooting the film, did not do this to get rich, said Sorkin. – Secondly, Tim cook really should see the film before drawing conclusions”.

“Thirdly, if you own a factory with children in China, where smartphones are collected for 17 cents an hour, you need to have a lot of chutzpah to call someone a hypocrite,” added Sorkin.

Earlier it was reported that the biopic “Steve jobs” based on the story of the legendary inventor, was transferred to the Russian representatives of the company on 31 December 2015. The film will compete with the seventh episode of “Star wars”, which by that time will be the third week in theaters, and with the remake of “point break” and “Mafia” Sarika Andreasyan.

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