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IPhone terrorists can be contained “dangerous cyberscrub”, said the Prosecutor of San Bernardino

District attorney Michael Ramos insists that Apple needs to help the FBI of hacking into the iPhone terrorist from California, as the smartphone may contain a “sleep cybermikan that threatens the infrastructure and the people of San Bernardino”. The state Prosecutor believes he is right, despite the objections of technical experts.

Ramos said that to deny the existence of “liberation” you can only get full access to the iPhone. The Prosecutor apparently decided to use the word with the prefix “cyber” to the term sounded more ominous, says Ars Technica. Speaking of “Liberatore”, Michael Ramos with the same success can be argued that in the Apple phone live unicorn.

The expert is judicial-medical examination, which was able to talk the publication, stressed that no one uses in real science the word “cyberalien” and Ramos chose him solely in order to frighten the court and forced to make a decision in favor of the security services.

In February, the FBI demanded from Apple to develop software that would allow to bypass the password on iPhone 5c California terrorist Sayed Farouk without losing the data. The head of the Corporation Tim cook in an open letter explained that the company will not cooperate with special services, as the scheme by which the structure of the offers to unlock the telephone terrorist threatens the confidentiality of data of all iPhone users.

A number of technological and network businesses have already addressed the court with a legal document to support the position of Apple. Among the signatories of this document Google, Facebook, Microsoft, Twitter, Ebay, Linkedin, and other companies. They intend to challenge the provisions of the act of 1789 on compulsory execution of the court’s requirements for investigation. This law “was adopted before the invention of the light bulb”, and “the court goes too far when he says about the possibility of its application” under the current circumstances.

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