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The most popular color iPhone 7 among Russian Internet users

Today officially start selling the iPhone 7 in red color. Analysts Grabr decided to find out where will be the popular Apple flagship in new colors.

According to the service, 42% of Russian buyers of iPhone 7 choose Matt black. He was the leader orders the users from Latin America, Asia and the USA. The shade “pink gold”, which appeared with the advent of the iPhone 6s in 2015 was a provocation by Apple as new “red seven”. However, the sales of this device in all four markets to collect only 10 to 20% of orders.

Red Apple has announced in honor of 10 years of partnership with the RED organization to fight AIDS it’s Interesting that in Africa this color is associated with mourning. In the United States and Europe, red means alarm or danger. But experts predict a particular interest in this model in China.

Asia has long been a priority market for Apple. And change the image of the top products is not a new strategy for the California giant. So quietly from the palette left popular all over the world white, and the best-selling steel gray, black and gold. These colors are associated in China with wealth and luxury, while white is a symbol of mourning.

Issued also with an eye on China pink iPhone 6s, two years ago in Hong Kong were sold out in just over an hour. The record could be repeated today. Not casually in Chinese, red means “best” and top seller called “red”. The iPhone 7 is 128 GB in China, $900.

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In Russia, the smartphone can be purchased for $967 equivalent. Traditionally, the highest price for the gadget in Brazil – $1 263, the lowest – in the US, only $749.

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