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IPhone battery overheating was the cause of the evacuation of Apple Store in Zurich

The ninth of January 2018 the police and security forces evacuated the staff and visitors from the Zurich Apple Store. The cause was a badly overheated the battery one of the iPhone, reports Reuters.

According to the police report, an employee of the Apple Store repaired a smartphone that was put in repair. The battery unit is hot, it is emitting smoke, which led to the alarm. Trying to remove the battery, the store employee received minor injuries. Also in the incident the medical assistance needed six people. All of them refused hospitalization.

In order to avoid an ignition, the battery was filled with sand. Indoors the Apple Store was included ventilation to get rid of the acrid smoke. An investigation into the incident joined the CSU.

The batteries that Apple uses for its devices, which are considered to be safer than the batteries Samsung. However, like any other lithium-ion batteries, they can overheat in the event of a fault.

Unknown subject damaged if the battery is replaced in the framework of the campaign at a discounted reinstallation of the power supply. Apple representatives have not commented on the incident.

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