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IPhone and iPad users have become victims of mobile fraud

Attackers use created a JavaScript dialog box to display on the screens of the iPhone and iPad alerts system crash. Reports resource Securitylab.

How figured out the experts of the Finnish company F-Secure, the error message iOS is a type of fraud in which criminals posing as operators technical support. The scheme is aimed at iPhone and iPad users in the USA and the UK. When searching in the browser on the device of the victims appear pop-up message about the system crashing and offer to call tech support to resolve the problem.

The activities of attackers uses the features of the standard iOS Safari browser. Criminals require that the victim called the support line and have paid from $19 to $80 to fix the problem. In the UK the figure was £20.

The scheme is as follows. The user receives the message: “Warning!! System crashing iOS!!. Due to the application from a third party on your device failed iOS. Please contact support to resolve the problem”. Displayed on the display of the warning device contains a contact telephone number. Users in the UK who call their support line, to announce that they have malware that steals data. To resolve the problem statements require credit card information.

Support Apple offer the following method pop-up alerts:

  • to turn on the device on airplane mode.
  • clear data Safari: Settings > Safari > Clear history;
  • to exit airplane mode.

According to experts F-Secure, a warning appears in the pop-up window is the dialog created using JavaScript. The fastest way to fix the problem would be disabling JavaScript in Safari, even though it may have a negative impact on legitimate sites.

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Once on a malicious website through the Chrome browser for Windows, the popup window will have the option to “Prevent the emergence of additional conversations on this page”. This option is available in current versions of Chrome and Firefox for Windows and not available in Internet Explorer and Safari. The choice of the specified function will allow the user to interrupt the chain of messages.

Note that a similar scheme is used by criminals in Russia. The screen of the iPhone and iPad closes the window in which the user is warned about locking the device and offer to pay a fine of 3700 rubles. “Your iPhone is locked and blacklisted for violation of the law, article 242, part 1, and 241. part 1 of the criminal code of the Russian Federation. Visiting and viewing sites from the black list, producing and selling. To unlock, the scammers offer to translate a special phone number 3700 rubles.

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