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iPhone 8 will offer users a record time of Autonomous work

The battery life is one of the weaknesses in the “Apple” smartphones. But in iPhone 8 Apple has found a way to solve this problem.

According to the latest rumors, the manufacturer was able to reduce the size of all internal components to make room for a second battery inside the new flagship. The main battery will have the capacity of 2700 mAh and an additional battery, which performance specifications are not yet known, will provide the necessary reserve to extend the time of Autonomous work for several hours.

It should be noted that the battery of 2700 mAh will be able to provide excellent autonomy even with regard to the size and other technical features of the iPhone 8. Anniversary the flagship will be almost the same dimensions as iPhone 7, wherein the display is 5.8 inches more than the iPhone 7 Plus. Recall that the iPhone 7 is equipped with a battery of 1960 mAh, and the iPhone 7 Plus — 2900 mAh.

To place the iPhone inside the case 8 two batteries, the company plans to use the new motherboard including hardware components in a relatively small area. The small size of the motherboard, coupled with the energy efficient 10-nm processor Apple A11 also means less energy consumption. In addition, the company will change the location of the internal parts.

8 also iPhone will get OLED-display – more energy efficient compared to LCD. In such panels, the power consumption depends on the brightness of the image and the black pixels do not lit and do not waste battery power. In addition, OLED screens are thinner, which also frees up extra space inside the case.

It should be noted that the increase in time of offline work iPhone 8 does not require the use of any innovative technologies. The increasing autonomy of the device depends on hardware optimization.

According to some rumors, the iPhone 8 will also receive support for the rapid and wireless charging.

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