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iPhone 7 vs Samsung Galaxy S8: test of strength [video]

We could see preliminary reviews and tests of autonomy of the new flagship of Samsung Galaxy S8. Now it’s time to reset the gadget to the concrete, and a lot of times, and compare it with the iPhone 7 in terms of resistance to such acts of vandalism. Today, the network appeared the first drop tests of Galaxy S8 that are trying to be as objective as possible.

The authors of two YouTube-channel TechRax and XEETECHCARE decided to compare glass Galaxy S8 with a huge screen and all-metal iPhone 7 in the test for resistance to impact, throwing the gadgets on the concrete. Drop test was conducted in different situations: from the height of his pants pocket, from the height of the human ear, and with a few meters. Each gadget was thrown on to the pavement three times, after each drop was estimated by damage.

As shown by experiments, the Samsung Galaxy S8 is coping with the drop on the ends and rear panel – in both videos he received critical injuries. If you fall on the side faces of the gadget was dealt a little damage, but nothing that would have prevented the functioning of the smartphone. But the fall on the display for Galaxy S8 can be fatal. Both authors drop-test Korean glass was covered with visible cracks. The fundamental flaws of the Samsung phone was on the edges of the front panel.

As for the iPhone 7, Apple behaved differently. The device is completely out of order after falling glass from TechRax, but easily survived landing on concrete XEETECHCARE.

The video, oddly enough, are of practical use. Smartphone users are trying to protect their gadgets, exposing them to minimal loads. Of course, the gadget may just accidentally slip out of your hands and fall on the floor, but this happens extremely rarely. Drop tests allow us to know what will happen to the device if it is intended to do.

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