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iPhone 7, together with Madagascar cockroaches poured molten aluminum [video]

Fantasy blogger TechRax in the destruction of the iPhone in the craziest ways, apparently, is simply inexhaustible. And another video proof of this.

This time the “killer” iPhone decided to fill in the flagship Apple smartphone with molten metal. But the smartphone made a dozen large Madagascar cockroaches. The experiment anticipates the story of an American that these insects can live a week without a head and survive a nuclear explosion. “Will they be able to survive in molten aluminum?” – he asked.

As expected, a few seconds exposure to molten metal smartphone Apple ignited. And half of the Madagascar giants immediately gave up the Ghost. While a smartphone is obviously in a moment went down, a couple of cockroaches tried to leave the scene of the Inquisition.

The day video from “killing” the iPhone 7 was viewed almost half a million people, which left more than 27,000 comments. At the same time the number of dislikes allowed for video from TechRax exceeded the number of likes is 44, 000 to 25, 000. Many criticized him for his decision to destroy along with “a soulless piece of metal” a dozen living beings.

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