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iPhone 7 Plus has steamrolled Google Pixel to take photos with the “bokeh”effect

Despite the fact that Apple is seeking to keep the lead in the smartphone market, the popularity of Android devices is growing every year, which is partly beneficial for the iPhone users, as it forces the company to actively develop their devices. It concerns including cameras Apple puts a lot of effort in the technology of photography to ensure that each year it will be the best in its class.

The most interesting feature of the latest camera in the flagship Apple became the portrait shooting mode. the iPhone 7 Plus equipped with two 12-megapixel cameras – wide angle and telephoto. Due to this, the smartphone can take photos with a bokeh effect, similar to what can be seen on professional SLR cameras. Portrait mode uses advanced software, which blurs the background in the photo. Apple is very proud of the bokeh and even published a photo gallery of such images on the website.

Not to be outdone by a competitor, Google has tried to implement a similar mode in camera, Google Pixel and called the function “Blur”. But as we can see, the implementation of the effect in the reference phones is different from that in the iPhone 7 Plus in the worst way.

Edition PhoneArena has compared the “bokeh” effect on the iPhone 7 Plus and the Google Pixel. As you can see, in the matter of Android smartphone is not even close to rival Apple’s device. Pixel, perhaps outperforms the iPhone photo quality in some scenes, but in portraiture the iPhone 7 Plus has no equal.

Apple plans to continue to expand the possibilities of dual camera iPhone 7 Plus. Unfortunately, according to the latest rumors, this feature will remain exclusive for the 5.5-inch version of the flagship in 2017.

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