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iPhone 7 out of competition: why even the best Android manufacturers are a step behind Apple

18.04.2017 0 Comments

Effective work iOS 10 and the computing power of the processor A10 Apple allow Apple smartphones to circumvent a high level Android device in performance tests. Even 6 GB of RAM and the flagship Snapdragon chip 835 cannot support the inefficient Android platform.

iPhone 7 out of competition: why even the best Android manufacturers are a step behind Apple

Fast OS, fast start-up applications

Last week the project team EverythingApple posted on YouTube a video in which the Samsung Galaxy S8, LG G6, Google Pixel, OnePlus 3T and iPhone 7 Plus are competing on speed of running applications. In the first round of devices need to open the application, and the second is to unload them from memory.

iPhone 7 Plus runs games, apps and other programs in just 2 minutes, 44 seconds — two times faster than the flagships on Android. The second phase of the Apple smartphone was held for 33 seconds. Have OnePlus 3T, this process took almost two times more from other participants — four times.

iPhone 7 out of competition: why even the best Android manufacturers are a step behind Apple

This discrepancy shows that Android is much worse than working with applications in RAM. Moreover, LG G6, Google Pixel and the Samsung Galaxy S8 is equipped with 4 GB of RAM, and OnePlus 3T — 6 GB. Due to the increased amount of “RAM” it ahead of other Android devices, but inferior to the iPhone 7 Plus with 3 GB of RAM.

Also worth noting is that all flagship Android smartphones cost about the same as iPhone 7 Plus, except for OnePlus 3T, the price of which is about $440. Samsung Galaxy S8 is estimated at $720, LG G6 — $750, and Google Pixel at $650.

Google Pixel — worst performance among Android flagships

As shown by tests, Google’s Pixel is different, the worst performance among all the top smartphones running Android OS. This occurs despite the presence of 4 GB of RAM and software support that Google has a corporate smartphone.

Thus, characteristically, many observers recognized the Google Pixel best smartphone on Android. Vlad Savov from The Verge even said that Google Pixel “almost as good as the iPhone”.

Despite rave reviews, Google Pixel showed relatively small sales. In the last quarter Apple managed to sell as much of the Apple Watch, although it is only an accessory, not a smartphone that everyone has.

Geekbench Tests 4

In synthetic tests Android devices also lose the iPhone 7 Plus. In single-core testing even iPhone 6s and iPhone SE based on Apple A9 (2015) without any problems bypass 3T OnePlus, LG G6 with Google Pixel Snapdragon processor 821 and the Samsung Galaxy S8 with the latest Snapdragon chip 835.

iPhone 7 out of competition: why even the best Android manufacturers are a step behind Apple

Only Samsung Galaxy S8 shown in multi-core mode test result is higher than the iPhone 7 Plus. However, this does not reflect the performance in real conditions. The fact is that few applications do not use multiple cores. This is why Apple uses in their processors, fewer cores but higher performance. For this reason, the flagship smartphone Samsung fails to launch applications and switch between them as fast as the iPhone 7 Plus.

AnTuTu Tests

In the 3D test iPhone 7 Plus were back in front of Android smartphones. I wonder what other devices show results close to last year’s model the iPhone 6s with 2 GB of RAM — two times less than that of any Android device in testing.

iPhone 7 out of competition: why even the best Android manufacturers are a step behind Apple

AnTuTu has begun testing iOS devices last year, earlier in the tests were represented only by Android devices. Interestingly, the results of the tests are so important for some users, some manufacturers began to artificially inflate the results in the benchmarks.

Developers had to alter the test so that the producers could not cheat. Almost every brand was trying to “cheat” results, with the exception of Apple and Motorola.

iPhone 8 will be even faster

The long-awaited iPhone 8 will be released this fall, and while Samsung and other companies trying to interest the users to its flagships.

According to rumors, the anniversary of the smartphone to get a more powerful processor, graphics chip brand, advanced iOS platform 11 and other innovations. It is expected that the updated software platform will be announced in June at WWDC 2017.

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