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iPhone 7 and future mobile photography

Manufacturers of mobile devices at an impasse. On one side there is a trend to create a more elegant smartphone, with another – it is necessary to continuously improve the quality of shooting photos and videos. The Verge reviewers are confident that by decreasing the thickness of the smartphone manufacturers will have no choice as to increase the number of cameras on mobile devices.

The Light company at the time, brought the idea to the point of absurdity, presenting multifragmental computing L16 camera. The fact that the device for photography includes 16 lenses. But, according to developers, the quality of photos it can compete with digital SLR cameras.

Most likely, in the near future smartphones will look like L16. Multiple cameras in one device provide several advantages. When you press the shutter-release button all the lenses simultaneously capture the image at different focal distances, after which the software combines all the images into one image. In the end we can achieve quality, which is usually not available for devices with such compact dimensions.

The trend in the increase of cameras in smartphones has already begun. Among the most striking examples — modular G5 and LG flagship smartphone Huawei P9, created in collaboration with the manufacturer of Leica cameras. The trend is clear, Apple has only to lead the trend.

This fall Apple will show the iPhone 7, which, if you believe the rumors, for the first time will receive double the camera. Due to this quality mobile shooting come to a new level and, in addition, will allow to realize the function of optical zoom.

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