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iPhone 6 Plus, Galaxy Note 5 and Galaxy S6 edge+ checked the water [video]

iPhone 6 continues to get starring roles in the most unimaginable stress tests, scenarios which are hardly possible in real life. This time the Communicator in the company of opponents in the face of the Galaxy Note 5 and Galaxy S6 edge+ decided to plunge into the water and neither one, nor the second, nor the third have no protection at least against splash. The result was somewhat unexpected.

Author channel EverythingApplePro put smartphones into the tub filled with water and waited. The device was able to withstand the test of the first few minutes. 2 minutes later, the Korean smartphone began to independently operate the buttons on the screen began to open and close the multitasking panel is unexpectedly opened configuration. After 4 minutes of your stay in the water near Galaxy S6 edge+ “glitched” function favorites, appeared artifacts interface.

After 15 minutes smartphones pulled from the water and checked to work. In the beginning it seemed that all devices operate in normal mode. However, the enthusiast quickly found out that the Galaxy Note 5 has “fallen off” Wi-Fi module and stopped working the audio output, and the Galaxy S6 edge+ disconnected touch of a button. The iPhone just stopped working the sound system decided that the smartphone is connected to the headphones.

A second experiment gave more explicit results. Five minutes after the smartphone is re-immersed into the water Galaxy Note 5 and Galaxy S6 edge+ disconnected. Attempts to launch the gadgets did not lead to the result. iPhone 6 opposite withstood the test. “Apple has again proven that its smartphones better withstand water”, – commented on the results of an enthusiast.

Interestingly, when blogger after all the bullying decided to include Galaxy S6, the device for partially earned, showing on the screen the logo, tried to run and eventually shut down. iPhone 6 Plus lasted nearly 35 minutes, after which the smartphone is decided to extract the water – gadget continued to work.

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