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iPhone 4s exploded while charging adapter for iPad [photo]

Spontaneous combustion of smartphones and cheap Chinese adapters that caused this eternal story. But it happens so that ignitions occur even certified accessories. In any case, so says the reader MacDigger from Krasnodar Nikita Titkov, which exploded iPhone 4s.

The incident occurred last week. Nikita connected iPhone 4s to corporate power adapter Apple and then went to bed. Half an hour later he woke up from a loud Bang and smell of burning plastic. He found that his iPhone 4s is shrouded in thick black smoke. He quickly covered the gadget with a pillow to stop the fire.

The owner of the smartphone suggests that the cause of fire could be a tablet adapter, Nikita the battery is charged from the power supply for the third-generation iPad (The New iPad). On Apple’s official website, however, reported that the adapters for tablets you can use to charge iPhone.

The most common causes of ignition of the iPhone – using non-genuine batteries and chargers and overheating of gadgets. According to Nikita, he was only the original charge. Although the iPhone 4s has not been used for more than two years. Perhaps during this time the battery irreversibly changed, which led to spontaneous combustion.

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