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iPad 2017 does not support the background work of Siri, despite the presence of the coprocessor M9

C release of the iPhone 6s Apple mobile device learns the user’s voice commands in the background. The feature “Hey Siri” allows the gadgets continuously “listen” to the person and respond to his voice. As it turned out, on the iPad 2017 release, this technology does not work, despite the lack of technical limitations from the hardware and software.

Feature iPhone, the latest generation is that smartphones are in constant anticipation of the commands of the person so they can never touch hands. The microphone is always included. Mode works in all moments of time except in two cases: when the device is in your pocket/purse, or lying face down.

This function does not consume a lot of energy, because its work is handled by a separate chip that is part of the core platform. Despite the fact that the new iPad is based on the A9 processor, which includes the specified coprocessor, Apple has not given the device mode of the background work Siri.

On the iPad, the feature “Hey Siri” works as the previous-generation smartphones. That is, to use the device must be connected to a power source. In the case of the iPhone 6s and iPhone 7 virtual assistant is always ready to execute commands, even when disconnected from the power supply and is in a locked state.

The iPhone company is more widely using the coprocessors M9 and M10. In particular, it interacts with the accelerometer, compass, gyro and barometer, which expands the possibilities for the collection of fitness data.

The chip allows you to measure not only the number of steps and distance traveled, but also the speed of running, walking and the boost level without having to activate the GPS that is not much important for large devices like the iPad.

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